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Minecraft Editor – Add Items to Your Minecraft PE Inventory

If you are an ardent fan of Minecraft Pocket Edition and have invested in its full version then this Minecraft editor is a must-have for you. PocketInvEditor is a nice add-on app for Minecraft Pocket Edition which allows you to edit the different worlds that you have explored when playing the game. It provides you the opportunity to increase the amount of an item that you already have in a particular world. Thanks to the simple user interface and user-friendly controls, anyone can make use of this app for editing the worlds that they have explored in the game. Do keep in mind that this app is designed to work with Minecraft PE. If you don’t have the full version, you won’t be able to use any of its features.

PocketInvEditor is capable of detecting any Minecraft PE worlds that you have stored on your device the minute you open it up. You can then start making edits to the different worlds and add to the inventory that you already have. This Minecraft editor lets you increase the value of all the items that you have acquired so far in the Survival mode. However, it doesn’t give you the chance to add any new item to your inventory. You need to get the item while playing the game first and then use this app for increasing its amount. This will help you in finishing your creations quickly and not having to wait to accumulate the resources necessary for completing your projects.

This Minecraft editor doesn’t just allow you to add existing items to your inventory. It also lets you set the damage value of the individual items as well. This feature is only available for items in the Survival mode. You can this feature for boosting the damage value of your weapons so that they can be used for killing anything that threatens your survival in the game. As is the case with the item addition, you can only increase the damage value of items that you currently have in your inventory. So, you need to create a weapon in the game first and then enhance its damage value using this app. PocketInvEditor gives you the option of editing the type ID of the items in your inventory too.

PocketInvEditor is a simple app to use. It offers a browse option to you for finding the items that you want to add to your Minecraft PE inventory. This app has all the item IDs built into it so you won’t have any trouble in locating the item you are looking for. Once you have found the item you are looking for, you can add to its amount or its damage value simply by putting in a number of your choice in the available space. This Minecraft editor loads and saves PE files with consummate ease and also allows you to backup levels with just the click of a button.


  • Automatic detection of all the worlds stored on your device
  • Allows addition of existing items to your Minecraft PE inventory
  • Let’s you edit the damage value of items in Survival mode
  • Backs up levels with a single click
  • Provides browse option for finding items you want to edit
  • Easily loads and saves files of Minecraft PE


PocketInvEditor is an app which is aimed towards people who are fans of Minecraft Pocket Edition and have downloaded the game’s full version. It provides them the chance to add existing items to their inventory in each world they have explored in the game and also lets them decide the damage value of individual items they own. It is definitely worth having this Minecraft editor on your phone provided you have the full version of Minecraft PE installed on your device.

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